A guide for getting started with your BellPal Watch. An automatic fall detector that works wherever you are. Around the clock, 365 days a year. Click the underlined sections below to go to each section.

Using the BellPal app as a follower

Functional description

BellPal is an assistive device in the form of a watch that in addition to telling the time is equipped with automatic fall detection and a manual alarm feature.

The watch is connected to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. If the watch registers an alarm, this is relayed from the watch to the BellPal app. The alarm signal is then sent to your followers, who will be able to help you. You decide who your followers should be. They may be family members and friends.

You can sign up for a subscription for extra security with a subscription to our Platinum Protection Plan, available 24/7. Our center will be notified in the event of an alarm and the professionally trained U.S. based specialist will get you the help you need. At bellpal.com/us/subscriptions you can find more information about the two monitoring subscriptions available in the U.S.

The BellPal Watch works in real time and automatically triggers an alarm if you fall over. If you press and hold the button on the left-hand side for 3 seconds, a manual alarm is triggered. When an alarm is triggered, the watch flashes red.

The BellPal Watch works in real time and automatically triggers an alarm if you fall over. If you press and hold the button on the left-hand side for 3 seconds, a manual alarm is triggered. When an alarm is triggered, the watch flashes red.

You can see all active alarms under the “alerts” menu in the app.

When an alarm is triggered, the location of the person wearing the watch is displayed in the BellPal app. Your followers will receive continuous information and can also communicate with one another.

Watch overview

Watch parts:

  1. Alarm button
  2. LED light
  3. Crown
  4. Integrated strap opener
Flashing light:

Blue = Pairing mode — When the blue light is flashing, the watch can be paired with the BellPal app on your mobile phone.

Red-Blue = Connection problems — If the watch loses its connection to your mobile phone, an alternate red and blue light will flash. It will stop automatically when the connection is re-established. You can hide the flashing light by pressing the alarm button once.

Red = Alarm triggered — A flashing red light indicates that an alarm signal has been registered by the watch, either through the automatic fall detection, or because you have pressed the alarm button.

Green = Alarm signal received — A flashing green light indicates that the alarm signal has been received, either by one of your followers or by our Professional Monitoring Center (subscription service).

BellPal app overview

In order for the BellPal Watch to work, it needs to be used in combination with an app on your mobile phone. You can download this app from the App Store (for iPhone) or the Google Play Store (for Android). You can find it by searching for BellPal and looking for the BlueStar emblem.

The app is used by the person wearing the watch as well as by their followers. The app has five different views.

Alerts lists triggered alarms. By clicking the alarm field the geographic location of the watch that triggered the alarm will be displayed, as well as a chat feature that connects followers to the person wearing the watch.

Following lists all the people wearing a watch that you currently follow. This is where you accept an invitation from somebody to follow them. You can follow several wearers at the same time.

S.O.S is where the person wearing the watch can trigger an alarm manually, as well as turn off all alarms, both manual and automatic. This is also where you can see the status of your watch  (that it is connected and its battery level).

Followers is where the person wearing the watch can see all their followers. You can also add or remove followers.

Settings is where you update your basic user information. It’s also where you update the software in your watch, as new and updated versions are released.

Under My Watch you can see the status of your watch as well as its battery level. You can also cancel the pairing between the watch and the app under My Watch. To completely disconnect the watch, you need to go to the phone’s Bluetooth settings and remove the connection (find out more under 5. Troubleshooting).

Under Watch Update you can see if there is a software update available for the BellPal Watch.

Under Customer Service you will find the phone number for BellPal’s customer service department.

My BellPal account brings you to My BellPal where you will find your subscription information.

Under History you will find a list of all your previously triggered alarms (if any have been triggered and handled by you and your followers).

Log Out means that you log out of the app. The watch will no longer communicate with the app, which means alarms will not be distributed to the BellPal system and your followers.

Technical specifications

Model no. BP01 

Weight .882 ounce (25 grams) 

Watch case diameter 1.57 inches (40mm)

Thickness .484 inch (12.3mm) 

Watch strap Leather Strap 

Width .79 inch (20mm) 

Movement Quartz 

Battery (for movement) SR626 

Waterproof to 5 ATM 


Frequency 2400-2480 MHz 

Output <1mW 

Distance to user BP01 used in contact with the user 

Storage temperature 14 ºF to +122 ºF 

Operating temperature 14 ºF to +122 ºF 

Battery (for electronics) CR3032

System requirements

For the BellPal Watch alarm feature to work, the person wearing the watch must have a smartphone with Bluetooth and an internet connection.

Users who are registered as followers must have a smartphone with an internet connection to be able to receive alarm notifications.

iOS phones Operating system iOS 11 or later (iPhone 6S, SE, 7, 8, X).

Android phones Operating system Android 7.0 Nougat or later. Bluetooth 4.1 or later.

The majority of smartphones manufactured in 2015 or later are compatible with the BellPal Watch.

Getting started

Pairing the BellPal Watch with your phone

  1. Download the BellPal app from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Open the app and select “I have a watch”.
  3. Enter your mobile phone number.
  4. Enter the verification code you received via text message.
  5. Enter your name and press Execute.
  6. Approve User Terms and Conditions.
  7. This step only applies to Android phones:

– Deactivate battery optimization by clicking “OK” and then “Allow”.

– Activate location services by selecting “Activate” and then “Allow”.

8.1 Press “Start Pairing” on the app

8.2 Then press and hold the alarm button on the watch until the blue light starts flashing.

9. Confirm connection by pressing “Pair” or “OK” when the pairing prompt is displayed.

Tip: The watch will stop attempting to pair after 20 seconds, so if pairing takes longer, you will have to press the alarm button on the watch again.

10. This step only applies to iPhones:

– Activate notifications and select “Allow”.
– Activate location tracking and select “Always allow”

11. Set-up is now complete! Your watch is now connected to the BellPal app!

Updating the BellPal Watch

The software on your BellPal Watch will need to be updated at regular intervals. This is because we constantly improve and optimize different aspects of the technology.

In the Settings view, you can see if there are any updates for your watch. If there is an update, a red dot will appear next to Watch Update.

During the update, which normally takes from 5-15 minutes, it is important that the watch and the phone are next to one another, or else the update may be aborted.

It is important that you update the watch as soon as you are prompted to do so in order not to miss out on new and improved functionality.

Adding followers

In order for your followers to be notified of any alarms, you will first have to add them under Followers in the app.

Add follower In the Followers view, click the plus sign in the top right-hand corner and enter the follower’s phone number and name, as well as your relationship with them. Your follower request has been sent. NB! At this stage, your follower has not yet been added, which means that they will not be notified of any alarms.

Request accepted When your follower has accepted your request, their name will be added under Followers, and from this point onwards, they will be notified of any alarms.

Becoming a follower

In order for a follower to be added, they need to accept your request. This is how they do it:

Download the BellPal app. If a follower has not already installed the BellPal app, he/she will receive a text message from BellPal, having been invited by a BellPal Watch user, with information about how to proceed.

Follower invited If they have already installed the BellPal app they will receive notification of your invitation and can subsequently accept the invitation in the “Following” view by selecting “Activate”.

Follower added Upon accepting your invitation they can see your name under the “Following” tab, and they are now following you.

Using the BellPal Watch

Automatic fall detection & Manual alarm

You can use the watch to trigger an alarm in two different ways. Either automatically when it senses that you have fallen, or you can trigger an alarm manually using the alarm button on the watch.

Different colored lights will flash on your watch to indicate the sequence of events. You will find a description of the alarm process and what the different flashing lights indicate below.

1a. Fall detection The watch detects a fall.

1b. Manual alarm Press and hold the button on the watch for 3 seconds. While you are holding the button, a green light will appear, but will start flashing red when you release it.

2. Alarm triggered A flashing red light will now appear. The alarm has been sent to your phone. Your phone emits an alarm signal.

3. Alarm activated After 60 seconds, the alarm is activated and your followers are notified. If you subscribe to the Professional Protection Plan (24/7 professional monitoring) their operators are also notified. Your phone emits an alarm signal and the flashing red light continues.

4. Alarm received When a follower or operator from the Professional Monitoring Center receives the notification, the light changes color, and a flashing green light appears. This means that your alarm signal has been received and that help is on the way.

5. Alarm deactivated Upon receiving help, the alarm is deactivated by you or the person following you. When the alarm is deactivated, the flashing green light ceases.

X. Cancel alarm Press and hold the button on the watch for 10 seconds. When you release the button, the red light stops flashing. The alarm has now been removed.

Triggering an alarm using the BellPal app

A third way of triggering an alarm is via the BellPal app.

1. Manual alarm In the S.O.S view, you swipe the alarm button to the right to trigger an alarm.

2. Alarm triggered The alarm has now been triggered. An alarm signal is emitted by the phone, and a 60-second countdown is displayed on the screen.

3. Alarm activated After 60 seconds the alarm is activated and reaches your followers and our 24/7 professional monitoring center (with a Professional Protection Plan). Your phone will now emit an alarm signal.

4. Alarm received When a follower and/or our monitoring center sees the alarm and acts accordingly, you can monitor their communication by clicking the field: “View information about the alarm”.

5. Alarm deactivated When the alarm has been investigated and deactivated by either yourself, a follower or a representative from our monitoring center, the alarm disappears. But you can always see the alarm under “Settings” and “History”.

X. Cancel alarm You can cancel/remove the alarm at any time by swiping the alarm button to the left.

Using the BellPal app as a follower


As a follower, you receive all information via BellPal app’s notifications. For that reason, it is crucial that you install the app correctly.

After becoming a follower, you can go to settings on your mobile phone and ensure that “Notifications” (for iPhone) or “Notifications” (for Android) are allowed.

NB! To receive notifications (about alarms and other messages) as a follower, you need to be using a mobile phone with an internet connection, either via WiFi or the mobile network.

As a follower, if you do not have an internet connection when an alarm is sent, you will not receive a notification. As soon as you are online again, you will receive a notification about the alarm.

Watch status

You can view the status of the watch(es) you follow (you can follow several users simultaneously) by entering the “Following” view and clicking a person.


In this view you can do the following: 1. See the battery level of the watch. You will see the percentage of power remaining. If it states “No data”, it means that the watch is not paired with the user’s phone, which in turn means that the alarm feature is not working. Contact the person wearing the watch and ask them to pair the watch again. 2. See the battery level of the user’s mobile phone. 3. Choose to stop following this user.

Managing alarms

On your mobile phone, through a push notification you will receive a notification that an alarm has been triggered by the person you are following. Click the notification to see the alarm that has been triggered, or open the BellPal app, where you can see the alarm under the Alarm tab.

Click the alarm field to see their location and get access to the chat feature.

You can confirm that you have received the alarm by pressing the “acknowledge alarm” button.

You can update the other followers and/or the Professional Monitoring Center by using the chat feature. After ensuring that the user who triggered the alarm is OK, you can deactivate the alarm.


Problems with Bluetooth/range

If the watch loses its pairing with the phone, the alarm feature will not work. This is usually due to the fact that the distance between the watch and the phone is to great, or it may be due to interference caused by obstacles such as walls and other electronic equipment.

Error codes: The watch is flashing red-blue. The app sends a “Connection lost” notification The app displays the error message “Connecting to watch” and the status of the watch is “Disconnected”.


  1. Move the mobile phone closer to you and the watch.
  2. If this does not help, go to the phone settings and turn the Bluetooth off and on again.
  3. If this does not help, check that your watch has sufficient battery power by going to Settings and My watch.
  4. If this does not help, restart the mobile phone.
  5. If none of the aforementioned suggestions resolves the problem, perform a reset (instructions can be found below).

Problems with the internet connection

For an alarm to be sent from the phone to followers and/or the Professional Monitoring Center the watch must have an internet connection, either via WiFi or the mobile network. The same applies to the follower’s phone.

Error codes: The app displays the error message “No internet connection”.


  1. Go to the phone settings and ensure that WiFi is enabled and that you are connected to a functioning WiFi network.
  2. And/or if this does not help, activate data traffic.
  3. If this does not help, restart the mobile phone

Resetting the watch and app

If you are experiencing a problem that you have not been able to remedy in accordance with the aforementioned suggestions, resetting the watch and the app may resolve it.

1. Remove the pairing between the watch and the phone.

For iPhone:

  1. Click Settings
  2. Click Bluetooth
  3. Click the “cogwheel” to the right of “BellPal Watch One”
  4. Then click “Forget this device”

For Android:

  1. Click Settings
  2. Click Connection
  3. Click Bluetooth
  4. Click the “i” (info) to the right of “BellPal Watch One”
  5. Then click “Cancel connection”

2. Remove/Uninstall the BellPal app

3. Reset the watch by pressing and holding the alarm button for 30 seconds. We recommend timing it precisely. You know that you have reset it successfully if the watch goes into pairing mode (flashing blue light) when you press the alarm button again after reset.

4. Install the BellPal app again and follow the instructions in the app to pair the watch once again.

5. If this does not help, restart the mobile phone and try again.

Protection Plans

Monthly Subscriptions

To gain access to our Protection Plans (monitoring subscriptions) visit: bellpal.com/us/subscriptions. We offer two options, our Professional Protection Plan and our Friends & Family subscriptions.

Friends & Family

With the Friends & Family subscription, the alarm is sent to the followers who are responsible for helping you in the event of an alarm.

Professional Protection Plan

Our Professional Protection Plan subscription is our service where professionally trained staff handle and relay all alarms that have been received. In the event of a fall, an alarm will be sent via the user’s phone to the Emergency Response Center. A representative at the center will immediately call the user. If we are unable to contact the user, we will contact their followers, and if necessary we will contact the emergency services on 911. You can have your own followers while also subscribing to the Professional Protection Plan. The monitoring center is not a care provider, our role is to be there for you, and to help you assess your situation and then help you get in contact with your loved ones or with the emergency services.

To gain access to our Protection Plans (monitoring subscriptions) visit: bellpal.com/us/subscriptions.


The BellPal Watch is designed to trigger an alarm in response to motion patterns that the sensors in the watch classify as a fall. For precautionary purposes, the watch is set to trigger an alarm rather than not trigger one, if the sensor is unable to determine unequivocally if a fall has occurred. This means that there may be instances when false alarms occur, and BellPal cannot guarantee that all falls will be detected by the watch. Therefore, we cannot be held liable for any problem, injury or loss that could have been avoided if the watch had triggered an alarm. BellPal is not liable for any action or omission that would necessitate measures to be taken or assessments made by a medical professional. The use of this service is not a substitute for healthcare or other forms of care. We are not liable for an alarm that fails to trigger or is subject to a delay due to interference in communication between the watch and the user’s phone or other device, or in a communications network provided by a third party, or if the error or delay is due to something beyond our control or ability to predict.

Security, handling & support

Recommendations for safe handling

The BellPal Watch is not a medical device and should not be used for diagnoses or for treating medical conditions.

To use the BellPal alarm features, the watch must be paired with the user’s mobile phone, and the phone must have an internet connection. Do not expose the watch to extremes in temperature or temperature variations. The watch is designed to operate in temperatures between   +14 °F to +122 °F. 

Changing the battery

Battery for the electronics: Type CR3032. Battery for the Quartz movement: Type CR626. To guarantee that the watch remains waterproof, we recommend that the battery is replaced by a watchmaker.

In the app, you can see the battery level of the watch under Settings. Replace a spent battery immediately. A spent battery may leak and damage the electronics in the watch. Spent batteries must be recycled in the appropriate manner.

Changing the watch strap

All straps can be replaced by pulling the self-adjusting pins on the strap and then removing and attaching the strap. To purchase new straps, please refer to the accessories page.


You can rinse the watch off in water or wipe it with a cloth.  Do not press the alarm button when the watch is submerged, and do not let the leather strap come in contact with water as this can affect the leather.


If your watch breaks, contact BellPal USA at support@bluestarseniortech.com or call our customer service at (877) 4BELLPAL (877-423-5572). We will send you a pre-paid envelope so that you can send the watch to us with a description of the fault. We will repair your watch and return it to you. Repairs that are not covered by the warranty are subject to a fee.

My BellPal

At My BellPal (www.bellpal.com/us/my-bellpal) you can register your contact details and other personal information. You can also change or cancel subscriptions here. It is important that all the information you have provided is correct so that we can provide a high standard of service.


You can contact BellPal USA for support by phoning (877) 4BELLPAL (877-423-5572). You can also email us (support@bluestarseniortech.com). Support is available from 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m Monday – Friday.

NOTE: The monitoring that comes with the Professional Protection Plan is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


All BellPal Watches come with a 24-month warranty. The warranty does not cover faults caused by accidents or similar incidents, damage, moisture, neglect, abnormal use, incorrect service or other circumstances for which the user is responsible.


EU declaration of conformity


Due to the limited amount of space on the watch, all the relevant approval labels have been included in this document.

This device is certified in accordance with FCC 2AQQN-BP01.

This device complies with section 15 of the FCC regulations. There are two provisos for the use of this device: 1. The device does not cause harmful interference. 2. This device may be affected by external interference, including interference that may cause undesired functions. Changes or modifications to this device that have not been expressly approved by the party responsible for the compliance, may revoke the user’s right to use the device.

To comply with the limits for exposure to radio waves from FCC (Federal Communications Commission), the device must be installed and used at a minimum distance of <.2 inch between the transmitter and the user’s body.