About BellPal

BellPal is a Swedish company founded in 2015 with its head office in Stockholm. We develop products and services that support seniors to live free and active lives. Our goal is to develop a more human technology with design and engineering. As far as possible, we want to let the technical in technology be invisible, and let simplicity take place.

We offer solutions for an active lifestyle and increased well-being rather than health and care. There is a great need for this, both in users and in healthcare. Users ask for tools and solutions that allow them to live the life they themselves want, something we notice when we develop products with them. The care in turn needs a complement and relief when the pressure increases, which it does at a furious pace as we grow older and are encouraged to live independent lives. Most people want it, if it is maintained with a high quality of life and safety. This is where BellPal comes in.

“I grew up with my grandparents. Early on, I learned about this with aging. My grandmother Irene developed dementia. One day she didn’t answer when I called her. Not the next day either. In the end we called the police who later found her in the bathtub. After three long days and nights alone, she was in a bad condition, but alive. I understood that she was not the only senior to experience this horrible experience. Older people do not fall and do not have the power to get up, nor do they have the opportunity to get in touch with family, friends or other help. It happens all the time, everywhere. All too often with dire consequences. That’s why we started the BellPal. To support our seniors to live active lives with a high quality of life while maintaining freedom.”

David Ziemsky

Founder and CEO

The Challenge that Drives BellPal

One of the most important things for our well-being here in life is to be able to live an active and free life where you are part of a social context to the extent you want. In fact, just meeting other people’s eyes, getting a smile in the store or a friendly greeting on the street, does wonders. If one’s life is limited in one way or another, it can have far-reaching consequences. You become more inactive, and get harder to meet friends, family and others in their social interaction. You get tied to a place, often home, and your body must not move enough. When the body does not move, it weakens. It all becomes an evil spiral that includes the physical, mental and social.

BellPal’s Product and Service Development

The BellPal Watch is BellPal’s first product . An elegant watch with smart technology that senses a possible case and notifies friends, relatives or other people that the watch carrier feels safe with. The watch allows the wearer to continue to live an active and independent life, without the mental unease surrounding cases.

About BlueStar SeniorTech

BlueStar is the exclusive distributor of BellPal watches in the U.S. selling through its BellPal USA division. All service and support are handled in its headquarters in Rockville MD. (877) 423-5572 for support.

BlueStar makes life better for seniors by providing them with technology that gives them: freedom, independence, dignity, and choice. The name, BlueStar SeniorTech, reflects their passion, focus, and commitment to improving the lives of seniors and their families. BlueStar promises to deliver only the very best and to continue doing our duty – proudly serving with honor!

BlueStar is owned and run by veterans. We are certified by the Veterans Administration (VA) as a Service-Disabled-Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).